POPAT Programme of Phoneme Awareness Training

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"As a parent of a child who participated in the pilot scheme, I have found POPAT a wonderful tool for her to possess. Even now my daughter uses the skills she was taught all those years ago to aid her spelling- listening to the sounds in words before she tries to spell them. We are continuously reaping the benefits."

 Nicola Warlow, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.

"My two sons both have learning difficulties and have needed support with their reading, writing and spelling throughout their time at primary school. They needed help to develop their phonological skills in order to make progress. POPAT did this for them. I understand that Prue Popat, who is herself dyslexic, developed the POPAT Programme and so she was fully aware of the nature of the difficulties children experience. The programme is so thorough and carefully planned. I was lucky that the school my sons went to used the programme throughout the school and especially with SEN pupils. My sons learned how to listen to the sounds in the words we speak so that, working out which letters to use to write their ideas down, was much easier than if they had been unable to actually work out which sounds were there in the first place.

Their self-esteem and confidence steadily grew. As a result of their specific learning difficulties, progress was slow but it was steady and they always enjoyed the POPAT sessions. Through the school I was involved in teaching the programme to them. I found it so useful and thought provoking. It gave the boys the important skills they needed for reading and writing. I suppose I could say that it was the basis for life long learning for my sons as they learned about the structure of their language and how it works. Over time they also gained a greater understanding of their own difficulties. I would really like the secondary staff trained so that they could continue the good work.

Diane Lawrence, Haverfordwest


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