POPAT Programme of Phoneme Awareness Training

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Why is POPAT effective?

POPAT follows the normal course of language development by beginning with stimulating speech and listening.  Only when these are mastered does it teach a written system.

Through working with the universe of sounds from the start, learners become aware of the individual speech sounds embedded in the stream of speech.

In the early stages POPAT does not set out to impart a body of knowledge, like most traditional phonics programmes.  Rather it stimulates psycholinguistic skills and compensates for faulty ones.

POPAT shows learners how to look and listen effectively and what to look at and listen to.  Learners become aware of the phonetic and phonemic characteristics of spoken words.

Learners hear, analyse and write phonologically simple words through to ones with complex sound sequences, many times and later read them.

POPAT provides for the over-learning of a core spelling vocabulary of very high frequency irregular words and of punctuation and grammar.

It encourages learners to study the structure and origins of words and written systems, creating a fascination with words.

POPAT is child led.  The learner dictates speed of progress through the programme and the level of challenge faced.  In this way learners’ compliance is gained and failure is avoided.
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