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Synthetic phonics and POPAT
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POPAT for the very young
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POPAT scheme launched in Welsh
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POPAT is an unique and exciting teaching system that quickly engages pupils interest and empowers them to become independent learners.

What Is Popat? What Is Popat?
nonePOPAT is a new approach to phonics teaching with which pupils of all ages and abilities learn to speak clearly, read, write and spell. Read more
How Is Popat Different? How Is Popat Different?
nonePOPAT teaches the segmentation of words into single sounds directly without using letters. Read more

Popat Programme Popat Programme
nonePOPAT begins at pre-letter phonological awareness level,  through to the complex phoneme/grapheme relationships of English orthography. Read more

Why Is Popat Effective? Why Is Popat Effective?
nonePOPAT is a synthetic programme that improves listening attention and enables the link between phonemes and graphemes to be learnt rapidly. Read more

Popat And SENS Popat And SENS
nonePOPAT is a highly successful diagnostic teaching programme for all learners with Special Educational Needs. Read more

Popat Cymraeg Popat Cymraeg
noneRhaglen addysgiadol ffonolegol ydy POPAT. Mae'n dysgu sain yn gyntaf cyn y llythyren. Mae'n dysgu sain yn gyntaf cyn y llythyren.
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